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Hayek RTX Kürass Beatmung


BCV (by RTX R Respirator) in an Infant with Respiratory Insufficiency caused by acute flaccid myelitis

IRCAD Anestesiology- Programme - Dezember 2019


Selected List of Publications on Biphasic Cuirass Ventilation - January 2018


Case Report: Management of Persistent Air Leak Using Negative Pressure Ventilation in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

  • Auszug: Introduction Development of pneumothorax and persistent air leak is one of the recognized complications in Cystic Fibrisis (CF) patients with advanced lung disease. Use of positive pressure ventilation in the intensive Care Unit can prevent closure of bronchopleural fistula and lead to persistent air leak.

Predictors of Negative Pressure Ventilation Response in Pediatric Acute Respiratoy Failure

  • Auszug: Use of negative-pressure ventilation is neither well described nor widespread in pediatric critical care; existing data are from small, specialzied populatios. We sought to describe a genereal population of critically ill subjects with acute respiratory failure supported with negative-pressure ventilation to find predictors of response or failure.

Cuirass Ventilation: An Alternative Home-Based Modality for Chronic Respiratory Failure

  • Auszug: The biphasic cuirass ventilation (BCV) device is an alternative respiratory support device for patients with chronic respiratory failure. Considered by some a "forgotten" mode of supportive ventilation, the devicce is portable, lightweight, and easyy to operate.

Biphasic Cuirass Ventilation During Anesthesia for Tracheobronchial Stent Inserting or Removal by a Rigid Bronchoscope

  • Auszug: Airway management and ventilation during a tracheobronchial stenting procedure are challenging given that mandatory positive pressure ventilation cannot be fully achieved while using a rigid bronchoscope due to leaking from the scope tip.

Pulmonary rehabilitation coupled with negative pressure ventilation decreases decline in lung function...

  • Auszug: Pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) brings benefits to patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Negative pressure ventilation (NPV) increases ventilation and decreases hyperinflation as well as breathing work in COPD.

Augmentation of pulmonary blood flow and cardiac output by non-invasive external ventilation late after Fontan palliation

  • Auszug: Auswirkungen einer Kürass-Beatmung (BPV) im Vergleich zur Unterdruckbeatmung (NPV) bei Patienten mit einem komplexen angeborenen Herzfehler. Der Herzfehler besteht darin, dass bei den Patienten seit Geburt nur eine Herzkammer (single ventricel) funktionstüchtig ist. Trotz erfolgter Fontan-Operation kann es nicht zu einer Heilung kommen.

Verbesserung in Folge der jeweiligen Beatmungsform



pulmonaler Blutfluss








Hayek RTX Kürass-Beatmung bei ALS (Amyotrophe Lateralsklerose)


Weaning the "Unweanable"

  • Auszug: Considered to be a refinement of the iron lung, BCV is a method of external ventilation that requires the patient to wear an external upper body shell called a "cuirass" so named after the brest-and back-plated body armor once worn by medieval soldiers.

A Case Study: Use of Biphassic Cuirass Ventilation upon Diagnosis of amyotrphic lateral sclerosis (S.4)

  • Auszug: A 68 year old white female was admitted to a sub-acute care rehabilitation facility after undergoing spinal cervical decompression surgery. The patient achieved minimal response to rehabilitation and was a admitted to a long-term care facility.

Respiratory Therapy - Biphasic Cuirass Ventilation for Pulmonary Compromise Due to Neuro-Muscular Illness or Injury

  • Auszug: The history of ventilation via cuirass interfaces for individuals dealing with the pulmonary sequelae of illnesses that result from depression of or elimination of the communication between the brain and the skeletal muscles has a very long history.

Non-invasive Mechanical Ventilation Enhances Patient Autonomy in Decision-Making Regarding Chronic Ventilation

  • Auszug: Non-invasive ventilation may be used in patients with profound muscle weakness, as a means of enhancing patient autonomy by improving communication and maintaining ventilation until decisions yout ongoing care are made.


Vorteile der BCV in der Kardiologie

Neue Studie über die Vorteile der BCV Beatmung bei Patienten nach einer Fontan Operation. Diese deutet darauf hin, dass auch Kardiologiepatienten durch die BCV Beatmung positiv beeinflusst werden

The study Augmentation of pulmonary blood flow and cardiac output by non-invasive external ventilation late after Fontan palliation



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3 Irrtümer über die Biphasische Kürass-Beatmung (BCV)


BCV als Instrument zur Erhöhung der Wahrscheinlichkeit einer erfolgreichen Extubation


BCV kann COPD Exazerbationen, Krankenhausaufenthalte und medizinische Kosten reduzieren



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