Informationen rund um die nasale Inhalation mit 100 Hz Schallvibration mit dem Pureneb Aerosonic



Französische Leitlinien zur nasalen Inhalation mit 100 Hz Schall-Vibration mit dem Pureneb Aerosonic+

France Guidelines

Auszug aus den französischen Leitlinien:


Some devices have additional functions to enhance upper air-way deposition. The sonic function adds a sound-wave to theaerosol to improve maxillary sinus penetration and deposition.Studies on the operating principles of these devices go back tothe 1950s: the principle is to induce acoustic hyperpressure inthe ostium, displacing the air and aerosol toward the maxillarysinuses. Several in-vitro studies on models of varying sophistica-tion demonstrated the benefit of introducing sound [12–14], butonly very recently has it been demonstrated in humans, in scinti-graphic studies [10,15,16]. Sinus deposition is 3–5-fold greater [17]than with a nebulizer without sonic boost.The manosonic function is a derivative of this sonic function,adding hyperpressure to create positive pressure in the nasal cavi-ties; this is automatically applied in the nose at the exact momentof swallowing, so as to transfer the aerosol toward the Eustachiantube. Systems with this extra function are known as manosonicaerosol generators.

Guideline 2
Nebulizers with additional sonic vibration are recom-mended in rhinosinus pathology. Ultrasonic aerosols aresuitable for bronchopulmonary pathology. Strong agreement.

Guideline 3
Nasal plugs are to be preferred. Mouth end-pieces arereserved to laryngeal and bronchopulmonary applications.Strong agreement.

Guideline 4
Oro-nasal masks cause deposition on the face and withinthe oral cavity and should be reserved to patients unable touse a nasal plug. Strong agreement.

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Studie "Effect of Three-Drug Delivery Modalities on Olfactory Function in Chronic Sinusitis" by G. Reychler, ......


Background:   Olfactory dysfunction is deemed to be a significant contributor to poor quality of life in chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS).
Objective:   To assess and to compare the effectiveness of three modalities of corticosteroids administration in patients with CRS.
Study Design:   A prospective randomized controlled study
Conclusion:   Effectiveness of sonic nebulized and oral administration is demonstrated on orthonasal olfactory. The clinical benefit is better than with nasal spray.
Level of Evidence: 1b.


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Studie "Effect of Three-Drug Delivery Modalities on Olfactory Function in Chronic Sinusitis" by G. Reychler...







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In Vitro Study Of Sonic Aerosol To Maxillary Sinuses Treatment, by M. Durand, .......


Aerosols are widely use in rhinology in France. However, in contrast with pneumology, the international literature contains very few reports of scientific and clinical studies in this field. Furthermore, no studies have hitherto demonstrated the efficiency of aerosol therapy in ENT pathologies................................. A first step was carrried out to determine the optimal sound frequency and a second step was carried out to test the optimized sound on an aerosol of gentamicin in a platinated head model. ...


Unter diesem Link finden Sie die komplette Studie:

In Vitro Study Of Sonic Aerosol To Maxillary Sinuses Treatment, by M. Durand, .......


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